Dead Vines C. S. Jennings



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Dead Vines  by  C. S. Jennings

Dead Vines by C. S. Jennings
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She killed the kid. His kid. In L. A. a man learns his ex-wife was expecting his child too late to stop its abortion. He blames his wifes doctor. His is convinced that Dr. Christine, as her patients and the viewers of several popular talk shows know her, convinced his wife to have then performed the abortion.

Now he is going to do what he always knew he could - kill abortion doctors and get away with it.Chief Lang Favin of Chalmers Corners, Illinois watches over his town from the abandoned Standard Station on Main Street. He deals with small crimes: car theft, break-ins, and vandalism till Georgia Hicks is beaten to death and her body hung from the grape arbor in her back yard. Her murder is followed closely by that of a teenage girl and a raid on the new doctors office by a group calling themselves SMAFA.Maggie Chalmers and Hattie Bingham feel responsible for the town their great-great-grandfather founded.

Chief Favin, overwhelmed by the sudden crime wave, comes to the sisters for advice. Soon Chief Favin, the sisters and a few of their friends are searching for the killer.

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